Mauldin Books is a privately-owned company, managed by Kyle Mauldin Sutton. Kyle named Mauldin Books in honor of his maternal family name. With family influence in mind when creating his publications company, Kyle began looking for ways in which he may use the talents of his family first, and then those of friends who may have talents which benefit the excellence of his emerging mode of self-expression. Following a series of events that caused him to examine the goals for his books. With twenty-seven book outlines, Kyle choose to accelerate the publication process by acquiring the talents of an editor, cover designer, illustrator, and layout specialist. The exhilaration of being accountable for the entire process completes Kyle's dream for the future. If you are an aspiring author, and would like to explore the opportunity for your book, please contact Kyle for more information.










Mauldin Books

This website is the ONLY official source of information about Mauldin Books & Kyle Sutton. Any workshops, on-line courses, speaking events, and other information may be found on this site. Kyle makes no representation or endorsement of any other websites that contains information about him, his workshops or his products.

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