Mauldin Books is a privately-owned company, managed by Kyle Mauldin Sutton. Kyle named Mauldin Books after his maternal family name. Some of his fondest memories are of the family gatherings held at his grandparent's house in Oklahoma. In memoriam of a life filled with joy and happiness, Mauldin Books is dedicated fulfilling the dreams of everyone who chooses to dip his or her toes in the magic waters. As the only author for Mauldin Books, Kyle takes the opportunity to vividly express his imagination in a variety of ways. One area that comes from inspiration over imagination are Kyle's spiritual works. God Speaks A Dialogue is not only Kyle's first book, it is his full expression of who he is and who he hopes to become. Some of Kyle's stories come from the hushed whispers of his family. Having heard most of these stories as a child, he is not sure exactly how much of what he remembers is fact or how much is fed by his imagination. Kyle has a large number of outlines from which to pick for his upcoming books. Over the years, he has amassed over sixty-one stories. Some may become stand-alone books while others may become a compilation of short stories. If you are an aspiring author, and would like to explore coaching around the completion of your book, please contact Kyle for more information.



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