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A brief history

Kyle was born in Oklahoma City, Ok. In 1957, he was born into a middle-income family, and he was the first born. His life was filled with mystery because his family was bred to keep secrets. Inside the snippets of the truths, Kyle began making up stories to make his life seem more exciting.

As a student, Kyle was always creative as a storyteller. His mother would call them lies, but, nonetheless, they were a creative outlet. Kyle created inanimate object as people and imagined lives filled with drama and adventure.

As the author of God Speaks A Dialogue, Kyle feels as if he channeled the book. His struggle to write this book began with a walk. On a warm day in February 1993, Kyle was walking with intention out of anger, frustration, and desperately in want of a new life. Thinking about his circumstances, he felt trapped. Walking the path he walked every day, he suddenly found it odd that he was alone on the path.

At first, he focused on the oddity, but quickly refocused on his anger and frustration. He began cursing himself for having created a void in his life. Next, he moved up the blame chain and started blaming God. He began asking, ‘ Why have you done this to me? Where are you? I thought you were supposed to help people.” Random, condemning thoughts played in his head. Soon they were vocalized at a rapidly escalating tone and volume. Finally, he stopped at one particular spot, and asked, “Why don’t you say something?”

A deep silence fell over the area. He sighed and turned to leave, yet found he was unable to move. He felt his body become rigid. At one moment, he felt his spirit lift. With no effort, a voice built and quietly exploded, “And what would you have ME say?” Knowing he was in the presence of EVERYTHING, he became immediately humbled and couldn’t speak. The enormity of the question overwhelmed him. It was in that moment that he knew it was not too late. He was not alone and that he had everything needed to fulfill on the request from years before.

Gregory Allen

Had Kyle not been named Kyle Mauldin, he would have been named Gregory Allen. He has always thought of Greg as his alter-ego, and when his mother asked him not to use 'his' name to write Family Tree, he reached into the past and pulled the name forward. My parents found it humorous that the tossed name was finally being used.



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