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God Speaks A Dialogue is a compelling conversation that connects you to source. This inspired book has messages for every life situation, and it will find its way into your heart without judgment.

God Speaks A Dialogue is a conversation which acknowledges you where you are. It is stunning how the pages seem to be specifically aligned with you without judgment and with unconditional love.

I have often been told that when there is a personal issue, the book seems to have an insight beyond the known or understood. ~ Kyle

ISBN: 978-0-9791842-0-8

Published: February 2007

A dying Grayson Chancellor makes a desperate plea for his daughter's return home after nineteen years so secrets that have affected her life might be revealed and rectified. As a rich and powerful businessman, Senator and Presidential hopeful, Grayson has made strategic choices that affected the lives of all within his circle. Political rhetoric shielded the world from the lies and deceit that lay inside the gates of Oakwood Manor.

However, those gates also harbor the fate of each family member. Tragedy became a constant companion of the Chancellor family. Angelica's self-imposed absence has brought her success as an author, yet past events have haunted her most intimate relationship.

As she decides to face her father again, she wonders if returning home will allow her to reflect on the choices she has made and finally speak of the secret that has shadowed her for more than twenty years. Her return will open old wounds and begin the healing of others.

Each has secrets that will affect the other, yet neither is prepared to face the truth of their actions. Her father is desperate to make right the wrongs that have wreaked havoc on her life, while Angelica confronts her father with her own truths. She questions if she can forgive him for his transgressions, or if the rage churning just below the surface will erupt.

Surprises from the past and present bring chaos, confusion, and death. Will Angelica survive the murder and mayhem that result from the truth?

ISBN: 978-0-6155095-9-4

Published: July 2010

In a Few Words, one can change a frown into a smile, hate into love, and separation into inclusion. Words express love, passion, joy, praise, and sorrow. As spiritual beings having a human experience, words connect us.

In a Few Words expresses my perspective of life through my relationship with God, family, friends, love and death. Each step in my journey provided a story through which I may relate my experience. These poems exude the possibilities of what is and what can be.

Though words sometimes fail to say all that needs to be said, I hope you will find your voice in the words I chose to share.

We all share in the experience of life, and it is inside that experience that I offer this book.

ISBN: 978-1-4751204-9-3

Published: August 2012

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