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Mauldin Books showcases the works of Kyle Sutton. As the author and publisher of all the books on this site, Kyle proudly offers works encompassing a variety of subjects. Kyle believes that there are stories inside of him screaming to be told. On average, Kyle gets a new story idea about every three months. However, not every idea will be written and even less will be published. The ones that ache to be told will written, and those that are ready to be released will make it to print.

Kyle has published three books; God Speaks A Dialogue, Family Tree and In a Few Words. Please feel free to take a few minutes to visit the Books tab to find out more about these books and future endeavors. He has written stories filled with political intrigue, spiritual awakening, romance and passion, as well as children's books.

In addition to writing, Kyle offers his services as a writing coach. He has provided inspiration and insight into the cause of writer's block.

Kyle welcomes you to explore all the possibilities and he hopes you find the story that will make a difference for you.

  • A story begins with a life experience.
  • The life experience shifts into an abstract thought.
  • The thought finds its character.
  • The character begins to tell the story.
  • He takes my story and makes it his own.
  • He brings in the stories I have about the people for whom I have feelings (negative or positive).
  • I have to remove me from the story.
  • The story is told, and I listen to the author.










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