• Every story begins with a life experience.
  • That life experience shifts into an abstract thought.
  • That thought finds its character.
  • He takes my story and makes it his own.
  • The character begins to tell me his story.
  • He sometimes references the people in my life so I can better understand the character.
  • As I begin to type, I get lost in the story being told.
  • The characters become the storytellers.

My name is Kyle Mauldin Sutton and I created Mauldin Books in 2011. As an outlet for creative manifestation, I use Mauldin Books to offer the opportunity to present works of fiction, non-fiction, children's, spiritual, poetry and more.

As the author, publisher, marketing director and distribution chief, I am a one-man operation.

I proudly offer my three published books, God Speaks A Dialogue (spirituality), Family Tree (mystery romance) and In a Few Words (poetry).

I get at least one new story idea about every three months. As the new story develops in my head, I must compartmentalize the new details from the ongoing manuscript being developed. I acknowledge that not every idea will be realized and even less may be published. Presently, I have over sixty outlines asking to be told. I have outlines filled with political intrigue, spiritual emergence, romance, passion, as well as children's issues and personal awakening.

I devote time to completing the manuscripts I believe will be current and find an audience. As a spiritual being, I believe we are all here to fulfill on a life purpose; mine being ‘Listening for the Voice of God Within.’

In addition to writing, I am a writing coach. As a coach, I don’t review your manuscript, or talk about the details of your story. I focus on the story you are trying to tell and inspire you to tell it from your heart, not your head. I provide inspiration and insight into the cause of writer's block and generate your story from the inside out.

I welcome you to explore the possibilities I offer and I hope you find the opportunity that will make a difference for you.



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